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Communal wastewater
Communal wastewater

As a technology partner and service provider, Logisticon has been involved in the purification of urban waste water for many years. More and more studies are being conducted into how the effluent from waste water treatment plants can be used as an alternative water source for industry, for example. Together with numerous partners, Logisticon is conducting extensive research into this subject and there are now many excellent case studies in the field of (waste) water reuse.

Logisticon supplies high-quality and fully automated plug & play installations in line with the very latest technologies. Continuous availability, permanent 24/7 inspections and process technology support are just some of the smart solutions that Logisticon can offer to this demanding industry. Logisticon also has smart rental solutions that can be deployed(in the short or long term) by its rental fleet to support the industry with advice and assistance for production expansion, calamities, seasonal peaks or temporary supply in support of planned maintenance activities

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On Mallorca, the golf course suffered from lack of fresh water due to salt intrusion for the irrigation of the grass. This could result in yellow greens.
Reuse of treated communal waste water
Water scarcity is becoming a more predominant issue in (North) Europe. Availability of fresh water to produce process water is stretched. A water production company in The Netherlands was looking…
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