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Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is an indispensable part of the global economy and society as a whole. The sector produces crude oil and gas (upstream) and derivative products (downstream) by means of chemical modification. This requires a huge volume of water of various qualities – for example, to fuel (high-pressure) steam boilers, to clean systems or to add water to the end product. Besides the demand for high-quality process water and demineralised water, the purification, polishing and sustainable reuse of wastewater is of course just as important.

For years, Logisticon has been a reliable partner for the oil and gas industry, providing smart and mobile solutions that focus on water quality, quantity, and operational reliability. Furthermore, the oil and gas industry also require large quantities of cooling water and has a need to use alternative water sources. It is important to select and produce the right composition of water for each application. The right water in the right place results in TCO savings and reduces  the use of chemicals and energy.   

Logisticon supplies high-quality and fully automated plug & play installations in line with the very latest technologies. Continuous availability, permanent 24/7 inspections and process technology support are just some of the smart solutions that Logisticon can offer to this demanding industry. Logisticon also has smart rental solutions that can be speedily deployed (for either short term or long term rental short or long term) by its rental fleet to support the industry with advice and assistance for production expansion, calamities, seasonal peaks or temporary supply in support of planned maintenance activities..

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